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Guided Fishing Trips

Our resident instructor/guide is here to take you on a guided trip to any of THE SPOTTED HORSE’S permitted waters. Depending on the water, trips would entail hiking/wading, horse-packing, or drift boating. Half day and full day trips are available, depending on the water.

Please schedule guided trips in advance. Prices do not include licenses or optional gratuity.

Guided wade or drift boat trip

Half day from ranch grounds: $350
Full day: $425
(Prices reflect 1 or 2 clients)

Guided horse-packing/fishing trip up Willow Creek

Full day: $150 a day per person for ranch guest.
$300 a day per person for non-ranch guest.
Price includes overnight trips to our tent camp 14 miles into the Bridger-Teton National Forest. (see Backcountry for more info.)

Guided half day walking trips

On the Hoback River and Willow Creek.
$100/person for ranch guests only.

Fly-fishing Equipment Rentals

If you would like to fish on your own, we would be pleased to give you directions, fix you a lunch, and outfit you with equipment. Rods/Reels/Lines = $25/ person/ day. Hip Boots = $10/ person/day

If you have any questions, or want additional information about fly-fishing at The Spotted Horse Ranch, please call 800-528-2084 OR email