Our Fly Fishing Pond and Other Fly Fishing Waters in the Area


The Pond

We have a one acre spring fed pond holding Snake River Cutthroats, a unique strain of cutthroat and the only native trout to Jackson Hole. A resident since the last ice age, this gem of a fish sports a golden bronze body stippled with black spots, all accented by a scarlet slash under each gill plate. Please be gentle with these fish should you be fortunate enough to make their acquaintance. Land them quickly and send them on their way unharmed. All children twelve or under must be accompanied at the pond by a parent or responsible adult. Remember we are only yards from fast moving water – the Hoback River. All water can be dangerous, especially for adventurous, inexperienced children.

Other Waters

(All time frames given are estimates dependent on winter snow pack, spring weather and runoff)

Hoback River

Fast, rock strewn river running through ranch. Pocket water, riffles/runs. Wade fishing. Snake River Cutthroats. Stone flies, caddis flies, mayflies and minnows. July-September. Beginner to expert.

Willow Creek

Tributary to the Hoback. Runs for 20 miles through a remote area behind the ranch in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. Wilderness like setting hosting our overnight camp, Hunter Creek, 14 miles in. Fast rock strewn stream, as well as willow lined meadow meanders with undercut banks. Holds pure, wild strain of Snake River Cutthroats. Wade fishing. Access by foot or horseback. Attracter dry flies, nymphs, and small streamers. Hopper fishing good in August. July-September. Beginner to expert.

Upper Green River

One of the West’s premier trout rivers. Fast, twisting high desert river with all of it – deep eddies, riffles/runs, pocket water, willow lined undercut banks, and long slicks. Drift boat trips. Brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout. Chance for a big fish. Good stonefly, caddis, and mayfly populations, as well as sculpins. Premier gray drake hatch early-mid-July. July-August. Intermediate to expert.

Snake River

Big river flowing through Jackson Hole. Primary drainage and last bastion of Snake River Cutthroat – a unique strain of cutthroat and our wild, native fish. Drift boat fishing. Some wading opportunities, but limited. Good populations of stone flies, caddis, mayflies and sculpin minnows. Big attractor dry flies, nymphs, and streamers. Hopper fishing good in August. Brown drake hatch September. Blue-Wing Olive hatch late September-October. Fishes August-October. Beginner to Expert.

Flat Creek (Upper and lower)

Upper – Small, spring creek like stream meandering through National Elk Refuge. Wade fishing, stalking and casting to rising Snake River Cutthroats. Chance for a big fish. Long leaders and fine tippets. Good mayfly, caddis and terrestrial populations. August-October. Expert or ambitious intermediate.

Lower – Small, meandering creek with public access. Wade fishing. Great for beginners. Mayfly and caddis populations. Attractor dry flies, nymphs and streamers. June-Mid-July. Beginners.


Three full days of guided fishing and 4 nights at the ranch: $2000 per person for two people, or if it is just a single person it is $2550.

We would be pleased to arrange trips to other waters on which we do not hold permits. Please give us plenty of notice, as we would have to book you with another outfitter. The months of July-August are very busy in Jackson Hole, and bookings are at a premium. (Yellowstone National Park, New Fork River, South Fork of the Snake River, Teton River, and the high, Golden Trout Lakes of the Wind River Mountain Range.)

There are many waters in and around Jackson Hole closed to commercial guiding. We would be pleased to give you directions, and outfit you with equipment and lunch.

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